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Business Law Attorneys in San Marcos, Texas

Both small and large business owners across the state of Texas can benefit from an ongoing relationships with an experienced, trusted attorney. The best way to protect your business is strong legal contracts both with your partners and your customers. There are numerous purposes accomplished with a strong legal contract.

These include preserving any limited liability, generating cash flow security and allowing you to enforce the rights outlined in that contract in contract disputes and breach of contract litigation. Furthermore, you may be able to accomplish asset protection planning goals as well.

Preventing Your Business from Legal Issues

Any legal dispute can represent a significant disruption to business operations. It can be a major distraction for you and your key employees and will ultimately impact profits. This is why it’s better to prevent these legal issues as much as possible with strong contracts and to hire an attorney as soon as possible after a dispute emerges. The right lawyer can make a big difference by helping to prevent legal issues from escalating any further. 

Maintaining a successful business today requires a lot of effort and competitive differentiation. To protect your business now and in the future, you need more than a generic solution. You need a lawyer who will help you prevent conflicts as well as handle them effectively by understanding that you need a unique solution. Ultimately, working with the right attorney can help you maintain a competitive edge. Mitigating risks with the right contracts is an important first step, but you also must be prepared for the worst in terms of potential litigation. You need a legal team committed to helping you prevent and fix problems.

John McGlothlin spent years in medium and large businesses, so he speaks your language and has walked in your shoes.  Plus, years of court experience means you can have one trusted lawyer to keep you out of court or handle a problem that can't be resolved without going to court.

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The Cornerstone of A Profitable Business

Our experienced Texas law firm advises clients regarding contract law, legal form drafts, negotiations in business contracts, collections and other interests in which a business requires legal insight. Business contracts are the cornerstone of a profitable and well-managed business. Depending on your individual business plan and the type of company you own, you may rely on a contract attorney to help you:

  • Assign or license intellectual property

  • Negotiate commercial real estate transactions or commercial leases

  • Review or draft services and sales contracts

  • Draft independent contractor or employment contracts

  • Advise on non-disclosure and non-compete agreements

Using the appropriate contracts developed by an experienced Texas business lawyer allows you to give the financial security, asset protection, and limited liability your small business needs. This also allows you to appropriately advocate interests in strategic partnerships and business contracts. In the event that an independent contractor, employee or vendor is breaches a contract, you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to assist you. This can be an expensive and frustrating avenue to pursue on your own. 

However, with the assistance of a knowledgeable Texas business lawyer, you can prevent as many conflicts as possible while also minimize the impacts of these potential conflicts if they were to arise. Reach out to an experienced Texas business lawyer today.

Business & Commercial Attorneys in San Marcos, TX

Your business is a major investment of your time and energy. Preventing disputes and managing them effectively when they arise is essential. Whether it's contracts you need advice on or conflict assistance, find a Texas law firm you can trust.