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John McGlothlin

"My clients have a peace of mind and are satisfied because we connected with their problem and provided relief. I take the burden off my clients. I take care of my people."

John McGlothlin grew up in San Marcos, Texas and graduated from San Marcos High School. John earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters of Business Administration from Texas State. John worked in management for a division of Berkshire-Hathaway and later his family’s flooring business after he moved back to San Marcos.

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Our law firm has extensive experience helping Texas clients with legal issues regarding family, civil, business, estate, or real estate concerns. We foster deep relationships with our clients and work to fully understand their business, so we can help clients make informed decisions for their situation from the beginning and throughout the process.

We use an initial consultation to understand your individual legal concerns at a greater depth, before we get started.  A deeper understanding from outset allows us to determine appropriate next steps, and we work to keep you informed of the situation as it unfolds. Experienced and talented legal representation is critical no matter what legal issue you are currently facing. We make it our job to take the reins and work hard to identify the best possible outcome for you and then keep all of our focus on getting you there. 

We know what it is like to find yourself in the midst of a legal dispute. That’s why we take your case seriously and advise you of what to expect at each stage. Knowing you have someone you can turn to is extremely valuable. 

I take your case seriously with authentic concern. I'm not your typical lawyer. I'm an honest, real person who wants to help my clients.

We only succeed when you succeed.

We know that you need someone you can count on. We strive to form a relationship with each one of our clients because this helps us represent you most effectively.  

Serving as your legal counsel is a role we take seriously. After the initial consultation, we make sure you are aware of how the case is proceeding. We know that in the midst of an unfolding legal battle, information is power. We strive to select reliable strategies for your needs. The outcome of your case is important and we work hard to identify how to obtain a meaningful outcome for you from day one. 

We value and honor the relationships with our clients.

From the moment you hire us, you know that you’re getting both talent and personal commitment. Developing an ongoing relationship with a firm you can trust can be extremely beneficial so that you have someone to turn to in a time of need. We take genuine interest to understand your unique needs and craft our strategies around them. 

When a dispute emerges, decisive and knowledgeable representation is needed immediately. Do not risk your future by failing to retain an attorney who understands the complex legal atmosphere involved in cases like this. 

We are here to help you prosper.

Whether you need assistance with a new conflict or ongoing help managing your real estate, business, or other legal needs, we’re concerned about what’s best for you. We get to know our clients and work to truly understand the problem so we can help them efficiently. This is the main reason more than 80% of our new cases are repeat clients or referrals from existing clients.

To help you with your present and your future, you need a legal team who cares about your unique needs. Someone you can turn to in the event of a crisis. Our legal team cares about you and works hard to get you results.